2018 Bond Election

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What is a bond election? 

photo of smiling studentsIn a bond election, voters who reside within the boundaries of Mesquite ISD may vote on whether to allow the district to fund proposed projects by selling bonds. 

Much like a home mortgage, a bond is a contract to borrow money for large purchases and repay it with interest over a period of many years. Bonds allow the district to finance large purchases, such as new school construction, renovations and additions, capital expenditures and equipment, and technology infrastructure.

If passed, the 2018 Bond Package will benefit nearly every student in Mesquite ISD and address four district priorities: CAPACITY, CHOICE, VISION and VALUE.

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All five traditional Mesquite ISD high schools and some middle schools are either nearing or currently exceed their enrollment capacity.

The bond package includes plans to build three new campuses and provide additions or renovations to other schools. New buildings and more space will reduce the need for portables, improving campus safety and the appearance of our neighborhoods. Some portables may be needed on a temporary basis but not as permanent features of our campuses.

The bond package also includes adding a second gym at every middle school to accommodate boys and girls athletic programs as well as PE classes. In addition, these gyms will double as tornado shelters capable of withstanding an F5 storm.

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With thousands of new home sites in Mesquite ISD ready for construction, our facilities must be ready to accommodate an influx of new students.

Nearly 4,800 undeveloped home sites within the district and a booming real estate market are likely to attract more residents and students in the coming years. This bond package will prepare the district for future growth.

 As we grow and offer our students more opportunities, technology infrastructure upgrades will be vital for performance and efficiency. The bond package includes plans to enhance our network, servers and Wi-Fi capabilities for both student and staff use.

Maintenance of our existing facilities and services is a key component of our vision and requires an investment in capital expenditures and equipment, such as large vehicles and buses, as well as funds for roof repair and replacement. We also plan to use bond funds to upgrade each of our high school auditoriums to ensure an enjoyable performance venue for our students, parents and community.

Proposed Projects

  • Choice Career High School
  • Middle School #10
  • Elementary School #34
  • Expansions to Cannaday, Porter, Pirrung, A.C. New and Vanston
  • Second gym/tornado shelter at each middle school
  • Artificial turf for high school practice fields
  • Upgrades to high school auditoriums
  • Capital expenditures and equipment
  • Technology infrastructure upgrades

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Our goal is to ready graduates to confidently pursue college or high-demand jobs in specialty careers or trades right out of high school.

Our enrollment and future growth indicate the need for another high school. Adding a choice career high school focused entirely on academics and career preparation will equip graduates for immediate careers or future college studies. This type of campus can be built for $60-70 million less than a traditional high school. Enrollment will be open to all high school students, regardless of attendance zone, and transportation will be provided for students who live more than two miles from the campus. We expect 1,500-2,000 students will choose this type of high school experience—one that doesn’t include extracurricular options like athletics and fine arts programs. 

We also intend to create four-year academies within our traditional high schools designed to prepare students for careers in high-demand fields. Students enrolled in a four-year academy will attend school at the campus where their academy is located, even if it is not the school assigned to their attendance zone.

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Mesquite ISD has a long history of efficient spending, ensuring that taxpayers receive a high value for their investment in our community’s schools.

Mesquite ISD strives to provide the most value for our taxpayers and residents, and we plan to move quickly on the projects – like we did with the 2015 package. Not only will we secure the lowest possible construction costs and favorable interest rates, our community will realize the value and enjoy the benefits of their investment as soon as possible.

This bond package will provide more value in the form of safety. By furthering our plan to remove portables, we will be creating safer learning environments for our students while beautifying our neighborhoods. In addition, the second gyms at our middle schools will double as tornado shelters designed to withstand an F5 storm.

A choice career high school is a good financial decision because it could be built for approximately half the cost of a traditional high school, saving our taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. And by adding artificial turf to our high school practice fields, we will add value in terms of water conservation, less maintenance and year-round use.