students and parents
Important Message From Our Food & Nutrition Services Department

On Friday, May 12, Mesquite ISD’s Food & Nutrition Services Department was hit by the worldwide Cyber Attack. As a result, all cafeteria software was affected, causing issues with student accounts. Our Technical Services team is working tirelessly to resolve the problems, but in the meantime, we want to keep you informed on how this situation impacts students and parents. Rest assured that student information and credit card information was not compromised. But in protective measures to keep information from being compromised, the outcome resulted in limited communication between outside systems and our registers on each campus.

Student meal account balances are not available at this time.

  • The online payment system, School Café, has been turned off.
  • Parents will not see accurate information in their School Café accounts
  • Cash or check payments may still be made at the register
  • Free & reduced meal applications must be processed manually; online applications are not available at this time

Mesquite ISD will keep you informed of any updates to this situation. Our top priority is ensuring that all students continue to receive healthy meals while at school. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve these issues.



Intended for the use of both parents and students, the course description guides represent the school administration's continuing efforts to provide pertinent information about your middle and high schools and, specifically, a description of the courses offered in them.

The booklet has been assembled by utilizing Texas Education Agency publications as they apply to the local district and by listing the courses that Mesquite ISD high schools generally make available to students.

It should be noted, however, that not all of the courses listed are scheduled every year. Since it is not economically feasible to schedule classes in which only a few students enroll, it may be necessary to schedule such classes on an alternate-year basis or to eliminate them. Sufficient numbers of student requests for specific courses then become the determining factor as to whether or not a course is scheduled.

Units of credit become most important in the ninth grade and above. Units of credit earned in high school are cumulative, and it is on that basis that high school graduation requirements are fulfilled. The seventh and eighth grade student, however, is simply more concerned with successful completion of the courses as required in the middle school.

Click an image to download the corresponding course description guide.