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2nd Grade Teachers:  In efforts to create the best experience for your students we are offering you the opportunity to choose the topics discussed during your visit.  Each show will include a student activity (gathering data, hands-on manipulation, relcetion, etc.).  Please choose 2-3 mini-lessons from the list below that you would like your students to experience during their visit to the Planetarium. Please coordinate your choices with the other teachers/classes you will be visiting with.

Please email your choices to Leslie Barnhill( no later than one week prior to your visit.  If you have no preference and would like to have the same lesson from the 2015-2016 visit, please say so in your email. Please include what school you are from.


2015-2016 lesson: Objects in the sky in the day and night, the Sun, view planets in the current night sky, the Moon (moon rocks, moon phases), Constellations in the current sky, fulldome Zula Patrol presentation

2nd grade mini lesson options:

    - Objects in the sky

    - Sun

    - Moon

    - Rocks: comparison of moon rocks and earth rocks (still under construction)

    - Constellations and objects in the current night sky

    - Fulldome presentation of Zula Patrol: Weather 

    - Q & A (something specific, or general student questions of the day)

    - Astro Otter Fulldome Short Video Presentations (The Astro Otter Fulldome Short Video Presentations of brief discussions of various Space Science topics.  Astro Otter asks his friends questions about various astronomy topics and his friends answer them with visuals created for fulldome planetarium viewing.  While the animation Astro Otter and his friends are somewhat dated and two dimensional, the questions posed are answered appropriately and vividly for either elementary or secondary students.  Teachers are welcome to peruse the library for the best mini-lesson to present to their students.  Please click on the link below to view the topics, descriptions and lesson length.)

ASTRO OTTER JUNIOR (for elementary students)

ASTRO OTTER (for secondary students)


Please click here to email Leslie Barnhill your choices no later than one week prior to your visit


We look forward to seeing you!