Scheduling Information


For Mesquite ISD classes, transportation is provided for you by the Planetarium. Ms. Rico, our Planetarium Secretary will schedule the transportation/busses for you after you have provided her with the pertinent information. When it is time to schedule your visit, she will contact you seeking this information.

Elementary Schools: The Planetarium Secretary will provide you with your scheduled dates and times.

Middle Schools: The Planetarium Secretary will provide you the days you are scheduled to visit. Your staff will create a schedule of assigned classes and times to visit. This information (including class counts) must be sent back to the Planetarium Secretary immediately so she can schedule the transportation/busses.

Please follow the directions for a smoothly scheduled trip:

  • Scheduling prior to your visit:
    • Buses cannot pick up students before 9:15am and they have to be back to the Transportation building by 2:30pm (2:15pm if it is a lift bus) which means they will need to be back to your school around 2:10pm (1:55pm if it is a lift bus).
    • The bus capacity is 47 Middle School students, 60 Elementary School students plus teachers
    • Each bus must have at least one teacher on it
    • If three shows are scheduled, there will be three DIFFERENT busses
      • Teachers for 1st show will not have enough time to get back to school to ride with the students for the 2nd show, etc.
      • If a teacher wants to stay at the Planetarium for the 1st and 2nd show, they must provide an additional teacher to take their place on both buses
      • Each bus trip must have at least one teacher
    • The Planetarium Holds about 70 students
      • Please have the students sit closer to center and have the teachers sit closer to the sides (better viewing for the students)
    • The length of the show is 70 minutes for Middle School students, 90 minutes for Elementary School students; INCLUDING DRIVE TIME
    • Please set up your own class coverage
    • Please help out your fellow long-term substitute teachers. They may have not visited the Planetarium before and may need assistance
    • Once scheduled, if you change ANYTHING (classes, class counts, etc.), please notify us immediately so we can update transportation
  • While at the Planetarium
    • Teachers, please manage your classes behavior
      • Ooh/ahs and excitement is welcomed by all! However, if a class cannot calm down at appropriate the time, please assist with classroom management
    • Please discuss with students proper behavior in dome and restrooms
      • No gum, food, candy
      • No sharp objects (had to redo many ‘stabs’ in seats)
      • If a student needs to use the restroom, please accompany that student

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately at 972-882-7750. We want to make sure that your visit to the Planetarium is engaging and exciting.

For groups outside of the Mesquite school district, please call Ms. Rico (972-882-7750) for prices and dates available.