students and parents

As outlined by House Bill 5 passed in 2013 by the 83rd Texas Legislature, TEC §39.0545 requires districts to evaluate the performance of the district and each campus in regard to community and student engagement. The district and each campus must be assigned one of four performance ratings - Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable or Unacceptable - in overall performance, as well as the following categories:

  • Fine arts,

  • Wellness and physical education,

  • Community and parental involvement,

  • 21st Century Workforce Development program,

  • Second language acquisition program,

  • Digital learning environment,

  • Dropout prevention strategies, and

  • Educational programs for gifted and talented students.

2015-2016 Local Accountability

A local committee established criteria used to determine the performance rating and compliance status for the district and all campuses.  At each campus, a local committee assigned the ratings for the campus and maintains the documents that support the ratings.   A district committee determined the ratings for the district as a whole and maintains the documents that support the ratings.

Click here to see the ratings for each of the nine areas

The process used to determine the ratings enables the district and each campus to seek ways to improve in these nine areas.  Over time, the criteria for each area may be changed as improvements are made so that we will continue to develop each area and better serve our students, parents, and community.
For additional information please contact the school principal or the associate superintendent for instructional services at (972) 288-6411.