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Requirements for Substituting in Mesquite ISD

  • Substitute Teachers in the Mesquite ISD shall have a minimum of 60 hours of college credit with the exception of District approved special programs. All substitutes must undergo an orientation/ training program prior to employment.
  • Instructional Aide/Clerical Substitutes must have a high school diploma or equivalent. All substitutes must undergo an orientation/ training program prior to employment.

Substitute Teachers and Instructional Aide/Clerical Substitutes will be compensated in relation to qualifications/certification and in accordance with the approved substitute pay schedule.


  • If applying as a Substitute Teacher, submit a copy of your college transcript (substitutes are required to have at least 60 hours of college credit) or a copy of your Texas teaching certificate, if applicable. (Upon acceptance an original transcript will be required.)
  • If applying as an Instructional Aide/Clerical substitute, submit a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent by uploading it into the application system. (Upon acceptance an original diploma will be required.)


All substitutes are required to be fingerprinted by Texas state law to be allowed to work in a public school. The cost for the fingerprinting is just under $50. The district will not reimburse applicants for fingerprinting expenses. Previous fingerprinting that you may have completed for a real estate license, nursing license or day care will not be accepted by the state. If you are certified to teach in the state of Texas and have been digitally fingerprinted for certification purposes, we will be able to acquire the results quickly.

The cost for fingerprinting is payable to SBEC and must be paid via credit card (included in this is a $2.00 fee assessed by Texas On-line as a result of the credit card transaction). If you do not have a credit card, it is the district’s understanding that you can purchase a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard check card at local retailers such as Wal-Mart and grocery stores. You may also pay at the time of your appointment. Only check or money order is accepted at the L-1 facility in Mesquite; they do NOT accept cash.