Medication at School

Medication should be administered at home whenever possible.  Medication that needs to be administered during school hours must be provided by the student's parent or guardian. 

Student medication may not be administered at school without written parent/guardian permission and a medication order written by a health care provider granted prescribing authority by the State of Texas.  

Any prescription or over-the-counter medication must be accompanied by a completed Parent Request for Medication Administration at School form and be turned into the school nurse.  The form is available in English and Spanish below:

2018-2019 Parent Medication Request form.pdf

Medications are considered to be any pills, tablets, capsules, patches, liquids, inhalers, nasal sprays, eye or ear drops, cough drops or cough syrup, or topically applied creams or ointments expected to relieve symptoms of a health condition.

Prescription Medication

Prescription medication must be presented to school in the original container from the pharmacy with the prescription label intact and legible. 

  • The prescription label must be intact and legible.
  • The student's name, prescribing physician, the name of the medication, and directions for administration must be indicated on the prescription label.
  • Prescription labels with information or instruction changes that are 'marked out', 'crossed through', or handwritten may not be accepted.
  • Prescription medication will be administered according to the prescription instructions printed on the label.
  • Medication in tablet, caplet, capsule and other single unit doses are counted upon delivery to the school nurse.
  • Medication refills are limited to a 30-day supply and must be brought to campus in the original prescription container.
    • Exceptions include liquid medication and inhalers. 
  • Expired medication may not be accepted for use at school.

Nonprescription Medication

If a parent/guardian requests administration of nonprescription medication, over-the-counter medication, or sample medication from the doctor's office, a physician's order for the medication must be submitted with the request for medication administration.  If the Parent Request for Medication Administration at School form is completed by a physician, it will suffice as a medication order.

Sample medication refers to normally prescribed medication provided to patients at no cost on a temporary basis through the physician's office.  Examples of over-the-counter medication include Benadryl (diphenhydramine), Tylenol (acetaminophen), Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), and medicated cough drops or cough syrup.

Additional Medication Information

Unused, discontinued or expired medication must be picked up by the parent.  Medication not picked up will be disposed of at the end of the school year.